Graduation Magazine design– 414’10

29 Nov



24 Sep

Title: Birthday

Medium: Photo manipulation on CS3

Date: around my birthday time i guess?

My dear friend Amanda baked me a bunch of cool rainbow cupcakes on my birthday. We went out to watch Macbeth that night, so after the show we had this little birthday celebration, and we stuck seventeen candles on one of the cake and lit them and took a picture (yay!). The original picture was taken with Amanda’s phone, so the quality of the colors really sucks, which is bad because this is such a wonderful picture and such a touching moment in my life, so I had to do something to remedy it. So yeah. Photoshop photo manipulations. Now it’s really warm and glowy and awesome! Just like it was that night.

I was such a cute kid

24 Sep

yeah this is random. but I nealy used these pictures for my Sec 3 EOYS Damaged. Because I was experimenting with the ideas of destruction and memory, and loss and growing up.


24 Sep

Title: Away

Medium: Guess! Guess! my lousy camera phone from ten thousand years ago.


Hi this is me. In the photo. I am running from the camera, which is with Shufang. I am a purple flash. The streaks of light can be explained by the sequins on my sparkly purple shirt. I never liked the costume. Too sparkly purple. This is another accident.

Ha. It’s another one.

24 Sep

Title: pink dot blue dot

Medium: Photography (Canon EOS 400D)

Yes. It’s true. Yep, that’s the london eye. Again. Yeah, it’s the whole “wow black silhouette against blue sky white clouds” composition again.

I don’t know how many different versions of this you would have seen from other people’s blogs already, but don’t you think, mine’s different?

Maybe because I went on a different day, a different time. The quality of light is slightly different.

Seeing the pink dot and the blue dot in the middle of the picture scares me because I am afraid that the sun was melting my camera lens.

V&A’s Quilts Exhibition

24 Sep

This is the poster for V&A museum’s Quilts exhibition. This had inspired me to so up the Alt(etude) poster from a few posts ago.

I like how this print has sectioned itself into portions, with colors and sharp lines. (I think the composition is like the imitation of the Union Jack?). What I got from this print, is its treatment of shapes, lines and colors.  I like how the lines and the shapes makes it a very dynamic, an interesting poster for something titled “Quilts” which sounds like old people’s knitting party or something. So as a poster, this would be quite effective in getting people’s attention and curiosity, prompting viewers to question their preconceived notions of the idea of “Quilts”.


24 Sep

On Jing Ting’s Grandpa

On Lisa’s Lino

On Keer’s Collages

I swear, this is talking about coursework

24 Sep


23 Sep

Title: Wall

Medium: Collage of posters and images

Wall arrangement! I just had a lot of stuff that i liked, on postcards or magazines, and somehow they will just end up on my wall? I had to make sure the overall layout of the things look fine, because this is my room and if it looks weird I will feel terrible when I’m inside. This actually teaches me how to arrange things of varying sizes and orientation.

(fun fact: my dog was super super sad/ angry when I put up the Rorschach poster, it was barking at it like mad.)

Pencil Cases

23 Sep

Title: On my Pencil cases

Medium: Acrylic on wood/ Collage

For the wood box, the side that’s painted with the Pocky thing was actually a painting of a bunch of stuff that I had that I hung around my neck with my handphone and bus card (because at that time my mom was super pissed that I kept loosing stuff, so she made em hang my handphone and bus card around my neck so i won’t lose it again haha). I think I painted that at that time because i couldn’t think of anything else? Sadly, I lost those things on Valentines Day this year, in teh cinema where I watched Valentines Day (yes i actually watched valentines day on valentines day)

the other side is this phrase I got off the newspaper, which says “The Fine Art of Storage” I thought it would be so funny if i pasted it on my box, and it is! To me it’s super funny (it’s those things I laugh about to myself). because it’s kind of ironic, especially now, where the paper is kind of torn and tattered around its edges.

The last one is the metal pencil case I got for my birthday last year from LISA! (thanks lisa!)

I could not stand staring at an empty side when i open up the pencil case so i decided to do this collage thing over it. The TV thing at bottom right area is actually a frame that i made, where you can slot in small sides photos and stuff.